What are probiotics and how do they work?
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What are probiotics?

What are probiotics? Let’s first say that when we often call kefir “the best probiotic,” we are not entirely correct! Although the widespread cliché that kefir is a probiotic may not be wrong, kefir itself [ … ]

Fermented dairy products
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Fermented dairy foods

Fermented dairy products (a.k.a. cultured dairy products) had been made since ancient times, when raw milk from cows, sheep, goats, or horses was preserved by spontaneous fermentation. Most of the time, this fermentation occurred naturally [ … ]

Can kefir make me sick?
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Can Kefir make me sick?

The short answer is yes; kefir can make you sick, at least temporarily! Kefir is a healthy and effective probiotic food, but not every food is for everyone. Kefir is a live product. It contains [ … ]

Kefir pros and cons
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Kefir pros and cons

Kefir is a beneficial and easily digestible drink with a myriad of health benefits. While kefir does not have real disadvantages, along with its many advantages, it still has some contraindication that should be taken [ … ]

Kefir for antibiotics
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Can Kefir help with antibiotics?

Whether we like it or not, antibiotics are a part of our lives and our main line of defense against several diseases, including ones that were incurable and lethal just a few decades ago. No [ … ]

Kefir during pregnancy
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Is Kefir safe during pregnancy?

Let’s say it clear: you will hardly find a medical specialist who does not recommend Kefir consumption during pregnancy. During this sensitive period, the woman’s body undergoes significant changes related to the fetus’s growth development. [ … ]

Kefir while breastfeeding
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Is Kefir safe while breastfeeding?

Kefir is undoubtedly an irreplaceable addition to any health-conscious diet, but is Kefir really safe for the sensitive period of breastfeeding? Most specialists are positive that consuming Kefir while breastfeeding is considered safe, provided that [ … ]

Probiotics, prebiotics, symbiotics
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Probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics

Probiotics According to the National Library of Medicine, “The term “probiotic” was first used in 1965 to describe substances secreted by one organism which stimulate the growth of another.” They also add that “the introduction [ … ]

Kefir for the elderly
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Is Kefir good for elderly people?

The benefits of kefir for people of all ages are undeniable. However, the consumption of kefir could be particularly beneficial for the elderly. Let us remind that the kefir fungus includes about 50 bacterial strains [ … ]

Kefir and weight loss
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Can Kefir help with weight loss?

The short answer is yes. Kefir can help weight loss! The four critical ways in which Kefir may help weight loss are: Kefir increases the sense of satiety. Kefir speeds up metabolism. Kefir stimulates the [ … ]

Microbiome and microbiota
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What are microbiome and microbiota?

The human body is home to trillions of microorganisms – bacteria, archaea, fungi, and viruses. The number of these microbial cells is about ten times more than the cells that make up our entire body. [ … ]

Water Kefir

What is water Kefir and how to make it?

The water kefir grains are also known as Tibicos, Tibi, Sugar kefir, Japanese water crystals, or even Japanese algae (although kefir has nothing to do with algae). According to some sources, water kefir grains are [ … ]

Difference between kefir and yogurt
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Kefir vs Yogurt. What are the differences?

Although milk Kefir looks similar and may even taste similar to yogurt, there are many differences between these fermented dairy products, including how they are made and the types of bacteria they contain. The first [ … ]

Kefir Precautions
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Kefir precautions

First, it is important to stress that all types of Kefir contain live bacteria and yeast, Milk and Water Kefir alike. Therefore, if you still do not have experience with Kefir or any other probiotic [ … ]

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