Tools and kitchenware for your homemade Kefir

Some handy tools you need for your homemade Kefir

Everything you need for your homemade Kefir

The preparation of both Milk and Water Kefir at home is more than straightforward: you just need to mix the Kefir grains with milk (or sugared water) in a jar and strain out the grains after 12 to 24 hours of fermentation. All you need is:

So, briefly, you don’t need any special tools, kitchenware, or equipment to make your tasty homemade Kefir.

However, a couple of tools may come in handy and make the preparation of your homemade Kefir even simpler and easier. In this article, we are going to describe these tools and kitchenware that will help you to prepare your Kefir as quickly and easily as possible.

Handy tools and kits for homemade Kefir

As we know, sometimes a couple of simple but handy tools can make our lives easier. The preparation of Kefir makes no exception.

Masontops Kefir Caps
Masontops Kefir Caps

One of the most daunting tasks when preparing homemade Kefir is its straining which can sometimes become a bit messy. Then, a simple tool like a Masontop Kefir Cap can come in handy.

You won’t need an extra strainer to separate your Kefir grains from the liquid, and additionally, your mason jar will have a pretty practical cap for the fermentation.

Kefir Fermenter (or infuser)
Kefir Fermenter (or infuser)

Another handy and useful little tool is the Kefir Fermenter or Kefir Infuser.

The Kefir fermenters (or infusers) are small perforated receptacles to put your Kefir grains in, that you can immerse in the milk for the time of fermentation, and then easily take them out once your Kefir brew is ready. No straining is needed.

Additionally, the limited volume of these containers will probably stop you from letting too many grains into your brew. Once your Kefir grains start to grow and multiply, you will be naturally prompted to take some of them out to keep them fit into the relatively small containers.

Don’t forget that it is a good idea to periodically move the infuser inside the Kefir brew. This will ensure a constant flow of fresh milk around the grains, which is essential for the good fermentation and the final quality of your Kefir.

Kefirko Complete Kefir Starter Kit - (1.4 Litres)
Kefirko Complete Kefir Starter Kit – (1.4 Litres)

Finally, all these small goodies can be combined in convenient Kefir starter kits, that you could purchase online in one go. By combining these kits with Kefir grains, which are also available online, you will have everything you need to make your delicious homemade Kefir.

These starter kits are really easy to use, and immensely simplify your tasks to ferment, strain, and restart your next batch of Kefir. Now the often-messy process of Kefir making becomes simple, clean, and efficient!

Happy fermenting!

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